I like a painting which makes me want to stroll in it.



La Grenouille, 1869 La Grenouille, 1869




Woman Reading, 1875-1876



Woman Reading, 1875-1876


Be a good craftsman; it won’t stop you being a genius.



I have posted four videos on the art works of Pierre-Auguste Renoir with YouTube on the Channel: A PRONK STUDIO VIDEO:

I  hope you all enjoy them, as I did making them.

Enjoy your summer.

The music is from various works of Johann Strauss, Jr.


 Renoir  Part 1 of 4


Renoir  Part 2 of 4


 Renoir  Part 3 of 4


Renoir  Part 4 of 4



 Work lovingly done is the secret of all order and all happiness.


The Reading, 1890 The Reading, 1890


A Luncheon at Bougival, 1880-1881 A Luncheon at Bougival, 1880-1881


One must from time to time attempt things that are beyond one’s capacity.



 Background Articles and Videos


The Impressionists BBC (Part 1)


The Impressionists BBC (Part 2)


The Impressionists BBC (Part 3)


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